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Certified Mold Remediators

From prevention to remediation, ADCO Innovations Inc. is a certified mold specialist serving homeowners, businesses, and contractors across the Northeast.

We provide mold remediation services in:

If you have a mold problem, our mold remediators are ready to help! With our suite of Anabec premium cleaning, restoration, and recovery products, we can clean and protect a variety of building materials from microbial residues and contamination. We’re here to make your life easier by providing all the tools and services you need in one place.

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Mold Specialists: Prevention & Removal

Since mold can grow rapidly without detection, mold testing is the most important part of the mold remediation process. Before any remediation steps are taken, testing is required to gather data about the building's health. Healthy buildings typically have less than 50% humidity, so if you find mold, it is a good indication that the building is holding excess moisture.

ADCO Innovations is a leading provider of innovative solutions to prevent, detect, and eliminate mold for a variety of projects. We offer comprehensive mold remediation services that come with warranties up to 50-years depending on the product selection. We provide Air Quality Testing as well as Lift Tape Sampling so you can rest assured knowing every inch of your property is being examined.

Our certified mold specialists will do the dirty work for you and make sure your building is a safe environment. We also offer solutions to help keep it that way!

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Mold Experts in Maryland: Protecting Your Home & Business from the Inside Out

We're the team of mold experts that will help keep your home, office, or commercial property free from these dangerous microscopic spores. We understand that when it comes to mold infestations, stopping it at the source is the only way to preventing future growth. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to ensure your property stays safe and keep for your family and employees healthy.

How can I tell if there’s mold in my house?
Large mold infestations can usually be seen or smelled. –CDC
What are some of the early signs of mold in a house?
When someone has mold in their home, they usually show allergy-related symptoms. If you’re not sure whether your allergy-like symptoms are caused by mold in your home, then consider this question: do your symptoms get better once you go outdoors or leave your home? If so, then there is good chance that mold is the culprit. –Green House Solutions
  • Mold odor. Not all molds produce a smell, but many do. If you smell a persistent musty odor, then there might be mold in your home.
  • Visible signs of mold growth. Some molds might appear white and thread-like. Others appear in clusters of small back spots. Mold might be gray-brown, black, gray-green, or white. Mold that grows behind vinyl and wallpaper might be orange, pink, or purple.
  • Signs of water damage. Any long-term moisture will inevitably lead to mold. If your home has water stains, discoloration on walls, floor, or ceilings, of if you notice bubbling, cracking, or peeling paint or wallpaper, then you’re likely dealing with mold-producing problems.
  • Water leaks. Mold growth from leaks isn’t always noticeable, especially if the leak is behind a wall or other hidden surface. If you know of a leak, then it’s important to get it repaired quickly. Areas where condensation often form can also be a haven for mold, such as windows and metal pipes.
  • Past flooding. If your home has experienced any flooding in the past, then it’s very likely that you have some form of mold growth as a result. –Green House Solutions
How can I test for mold behind walls?
Figuring out if you have mold inside of your wall and even what wall might have a mold problem is no easy task. Unfortunately, there are not a lof of accurate DIY options. The closest you can get to finding mold behind a wall is checking for moisture. More in depth exploration is better left to a professional mold inspector. – Mold Help for You
Can I remove mold myself?
Yes, in most cases- If the area is less that about 10 square feet (roughly 3’x3’area). – EPA
When should I call a mold inspector instead of removing mold myself?

When an area is affected larger than 10 square feet. –EPA

It is always better to hire a professional. In some cases your homeowners insurance mat cover the cost. Check with you insurance carrier. According to the Environmental protection agency (EPA), you should call a professional if:
  • The moldy area is larger than 10 square feet
  • You suspect mold in in your HVAC system
  • The mold/water damage was caused by contaminated water such as sewage
  • o You have any health concerns. Speak to your physician before starting any mold cleanup. –Mold advisor
Does insurance cover mold inspections and testing?
Coverage really varies from policy to policy, so the only way to know for sure if your policy will cover mold removal is to read your policy carefully. Some insurance policies contain exclusions, specifically saying they will not cover mold removal. Some will cover mold removal only under certain circumstances. Some will pay for mold removal but not for mold testing, even though you may need to have your home tested for mold in order to find out if there is mold there that needs to be removed. Some will pay only a limited amount for mold removal, even if the actual mold removal process costs more. In some cases, you can pay extra to have insurance for mold remediation. –Mold advisor

Mold Prevention

Protect your investment now with our mold prevention services. Our certified technicians will treat your new structure with Anabec’s newBUILD. Designed exclusively for the new construction industry, newBUILD forms a penetrating moisture barrier which is resistant to the growth of mold and mildew. We offer an industry leading 50 year transferable mold remediation warranty against mold contamination on the treated surfaces.

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Mold Prevention for a home under construction

Mold Remediation

If mold is already a problem in your home or building, our mold experts are here to help. We will visually inspect the premises, address any existing moisture problems, and remediate by removing contamination safely and effectively to avoid spreading the mold. A remediation plan may vary greatly depending on the size and complexity of the job.

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Even if you can’t see the mold, trust your nose! If you can sense mold allergens in the air, that is a sure sign that mold exists. While preventing mold in the first place is ideal, it may be too difficult for some property owners to see signs in the early stages. Regardless of when you discover the presence of mold, mold remediation is a necessary process to keep your family healthy, maintain your property’s value, and prevent further damage and costly repairs.

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